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... hurmmmm .... tahniah diucapkan buat ke-empat2x company yg telah berjaya menganjurkan Carnival Day & Comm Service baru2x ini.... semoga projek tersebut telah mengeratkan hubungan silaturrahum di kalangan peserta GEMS... mesti ingat sampai tua nye lah (duit x cukup, kena comment, mintak sponsor x dpt, sembelih lembu, penat, x cukup tdo.... memang xkn lupe).. ditamah dgn prog. yg menarik (poco2x, futsal, sukaneka, gotong-royong... dn berkasih sayang dgn keluarga angkat..)

diarap prog. yg akan datang dapat dijayakan dgn sebaik mungkin I'allah...

TAHNIAH sekali lagi....


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Dear all,

You are invited to attend GEMS HSH 03 Carnival & Community as follows:

Date : 13 & 14th Nov 2009
Venue : Homestay, Kg Jeruju, Jerlun, Kedah.


HSH03 Talent Day & "kenduri lagi"  

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Mirah yang berdiri depan sekali, pakai baju pink tudung hitam putih tu

Assalam-mu-alaikum... kenduri kawin Damirah (CRYSTAL SYNERGY, GEMS HSH01),
tarikh... 31/10/09 (sabtu)
Semua GEMS HSH 01 dijemput utk hadir bagi memeriahkan majlis perkahwinan tersebut...

FYI... GEMS Hsh03 talent day would be held on 30/10/2009 (FRIDAY)... 9am-5pm.. to all XGEMS Hsh01 & Hsh02 are invited...

WELCOME... HSH03... 3/10 -9/12  

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Assalamualaikum and very good evening..from x-hsh01 & 02 crew(shakur,aufa and zaini, nurul hariza, nurul jana, md ahkir, mat tempe and etc)..yesteday was a new day for batch hsh 03..most of them very enthusiatic to join this programme..as x-hsh02, we just advice them to participates in all the activities that they organized by themselves. this batch, most of them are ladies rather than guy...where are the guys?????we just got only 38 male participants while female participants are 173 participants. for this batch, the opening ceremony will be launch this thursday and so far the emcee had been selected. Not to forget, CEOs for each companies also had been selected.

Hari Raya Gathering  

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Assalamualaikum... to all XGEMS hsh02, Hari Raya gathering for our batch this coming Friday need to be cancel due to the unavoidable factors.... therefore we apologize for that cancellation. Hope to see all of you in the next programme I'allah :)

Ijtima' Aidilfitri III  

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Assalamualaikum... kepada XGEMS Hsh02,Ijtima' Aidilfitri yang akan diadakn pada hari Sabtu ini terpaksa dibatalkan diatas faktor-faktor yg x dpt dielakkan.. Oleh itu kami memohon ampun dan maaf diatas pembatalan tersebut... harap kita dapat bertemu di lain masa dlm aktiviti2 yg akan datang.. :)

Selamat Hari Raya  

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Selamat Hari Raya message from the Site Manager, GEMS Harvard, Gurun, Kedah.

Assalam-mu-alaikum, to all Muslim GEMS participants (Batch 1 & 2) from Harvard Gurun & good morning to all. The month long fasting in Ramadhan is about to end today. It has been a memorable experience having the chance to perform the fasting ritual with all of you, especially during the first half-month of Ramadhan in the site. There were a lot of opportunities available to improve individual attitudes and spiritual strengths through the drives on the months of Rejab and Shaban leading to Ramadhan.
The surau activitiy has started off with an excellent opening from Modera Group 1. I remember Aufa was presenting the rejab multi-media. From then on, every company has made its own presentation and provided the impact. However, not all companies were dedicated enough to sustain the high motivation due to the abundance of assignments and busy managing the H1N1 sickness issues. I do hope that the month long Ramadhan has taught everyone a lesson to improve our relationship with God (Allah), realign and renew our intention to achieve EXCELLENCE in ourselves. Excellence is one of the GEMS value… remember ! (PESAT; Professionalism, Excellence, Self-Discipline, Active Learning, Teamwork)
For those non-Muslim, happy holiday to all of you. Perform your level best in your internship placement jobs.
HjRashid Hasnon, 29th Ramadhan 1430H